Banks + Digital Marketing = New Global Customers
Banks + Digital Marketing = New Global Customers
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2016년 6월 10일

Banks + Digital Marketing = New Global Customers

A MotionPoint exec offers four tips to help financial services companies expand into new markets.


Marketers for banks and other financial institutions are discovering that conventional marketing and ad spends are delivering diminishing returns. But times are changing, and marketers are embracing the superior ROI digital marketing offers, writes Charles Whiteman at SAP Hybris’ blog, The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce.

This pivot is paying off, particularly as banks expand to reach previously-untapped domestic and international markets, Whiteman says. Whiteman is MotionPoint's SVP of Client Services.

But embracing digital marketing to engage these new customers still has some challenges. Whiteman offered several tips.

"As the web has matured and access to it has increased," he explains, "customers are no longer willing to read and transact on sites published only in English. These days, most global customers, even when they're English-proficient, avoid English-language websites."

The solution is launching localized websites with culturally resonant translations, Whiteman says.

Read more about this global digital-marketing tip, and three others, at The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce.


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